Friday, August 6, 2010

Off Topic

I have been putting off getting my wedding and engagement rings appraised for our insurance because I have just had so much else going on. I finally got around to it on Tuesday. I was told that my rings would be ready for pickup on Friday and they would call me to let me know what time. I didn't really want to leave my rings for three whole days (other places prices were higher but would have them ready for pickup the same day or next day. This place is a small local business though, so I chose them for price, proximity, and the quaint family feel). I still had no call as of today, so I just called the store. They told me they should be ready by next Tuesday. Next. Tuesday. I'm very upset! It's hard to be without my rings for so long - I wear them all the time, every day. Imagine going without underwear (assuming you wear it) for a whole week. That's what it feels like. And why in the hell does it take 7.5 days to appraise two rings? Grrrr.