Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An eventful evening (part 2 - watch me last hubby!)

So I'm posting these mostly for my husband who is away on business in Japan. He missed being present for a few pretty cool things tonight, but at least I caught them on video! I am sharing them here for all to enjoy, but mostly to make sure he can! This one takes an unexpected twist. Make sure you watch the other one first, hubby! Oh, and it looks like the choppiness and missing audio is gone now - huzzah!

An eventful evening (part 1)

New accomplishment tonight - grasping with intent! Look at how she decides she's going to grasp something, puts her arm up, opens her hand, and then she grasps it! Amazing! And I like where the ring ends up - how does it get there? haha! Sorry the video is choppy - I don't know why it runs that way. And the audio seems to have disappeared. Oh well!