Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just an Observation

I went back to work last week. It wasn't too bad. I missed my little girlie like crazy, but that is to be expected. In any case, I am breastfeeding my baby. If any of you are working mothers, or close to a woman when she had her baby and went back to work, you probably know about breast pumping. I have been pumping several times a day at work as my workplace is very good about encouraging breastfeeding for new mothers for all of the health benefits to baby. And if baby is healthy, mom doesn't have to miss lots of work to care for baby. Sorry, I digress. My observation is this - when my breast pump is working, it makes an interesting sound. In my head, it sounds like the pump is saying "breasto - breasto - breasto". I amuse myself by making up other phrases that it may be "saying" as it works. In any case, I found myself walking around the house today making wooshing sounds and thinking "breasto-breasto-breasto". I think I need more sleep.

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