Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Journey Continues - May 2011

It has been one year since my perfect little peanut entered the world. My experiences in motherhood have been nothing short of amazing. I have found that I am a better person now than I have ever been (if I do say so myself). I have a deep well of patience with my daughter than I ever thought possible. I *love* being a mom.

For this reason, as well as a few other, less important reasons, we are continuing on to the next leg of our unexpected journey. On May 31, almost exactly 2 years after we saw him the first time, we have a consultation with Dr. RE to form a game plan for treatments to conceive again. We actually began 'trying' at 9 months postpartum, but we expected very little from trying on our own due to our past experiences. I've been tracking/charting my cycles, and they're still erratic, but hopefully going to become more regular quickly. I breastfed until RoBet was 9 months old, so it is perfectly normal for my cycles to still be erratic, so no additional worries there.

What we think will be the go-forward plan is 3 cycles of IUI with Clomid again, like last time. Our chances for success were so small, but it still worked! If we can be that lucky once, it just might happen again. So, we're willing to give it a shot again this time, provided that nothing has gotten worse with either of us since 2 years ago. We assume that Dr. RE will order a slew of tests again to ensure that everything is as it was. We have to get a Cycle Day 3 FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) test done for our insurance coverage to ensure that I have not entered menopause early, in which case they will not cover treatments. This was not a problem before, so I have no concerns that it will be now. I think we'll also do a progesterone test to make sure I have adequate levels to sustain a pregnancy, should one occur. Lastly, I hope he will order a semen analysis for my husband to make sure that his levels haven't deteriorated further. Assuming that those all go well (along with any other tests he may order that I haven't assumed already), we'll jump right in with the IUI next month!

It is the strangest feeling, this 'baby fever' as it is sometimes called. Before RoBet, I wanted to be pregnant and have children, yes. However, the feeling I have now is so intense, so emotionally based, so raw. I cannot explain the difference adequately. It's funny, because I really did not like being pregnant at all, and now I long for it intensely. So, here's hoping that this method of treatment works for us again and we are pregnant in the next 3 - 4 months! Wish us luck!


Little Rainbow Comics said...

So glad to read you are doing well! And trying great! Good luck - keep us posted. Been gone since Feb...time to get LRC back on the web - I forget how much fun it is - onward!
= ;P

pixnlil said...

Yes, thank you! You should get it back online if you can make the time - I always enjoyed reading! Here's to new ventures for the both of us! *clink*