Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothin' much to report - August 22nd, 2011

Sorry I've been so quiet. I haven't had much to report lately. My sonohistogram (SHG) came out a-OK, just like we thought it would. I was a little sad that we didn't do IUI this month because when the doc was scanning my bits during the SHG, he quickly peeked at the ovaries and I briefly saw 4 good looking follicles in there that were wasted. =( Today I called my RE's nurse to get the counts on hubby's sample that he provided to be frozen before the process (a mandatory step just in case there are zero sperm available on 'go day'). The count was 1.6 million before the wash. That is the count we had after the wash that resulted in RoBet, and it was an abysmal post-wash count. Of those, 18% were motile. That means, had we done IUI, we would have had around 280,000 for the procedure. So, I no longer feel quite as sad about not doing the IUI this month - there was just no chance for it to work anyway. So I'm just waiting for cycle day 1 to come so that we can get started on the antibiotics and birth control pills. It feels so exciting and yet so far away right now! The process takes about 8 weeks, and in infertility time, that is a looooong time to wait! I am cautiously optimistic. I will feel better once we get started I think. I just hate not moving forward. I do not do well being inactive in moving toward my goals. We will be soon though, and if it's anything like my pregnancy and RoBet's first year, it will pass by all too quickly and I'll be left wondering where the heck the time went!

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