Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why Testing Early Can Suck - June 30 - July 2

I could not help myself and started testing early. That is very easy to do when you can get a package of dip strip tests online at about $10 for 40 tests. I tested on Wednesday night - 8 days past IUI (DPIUI) and got a very faint positive result. I was over the moon - I couldn't believe it had worked on the first try! Holy schmoly! But as it was so very faint, I decided not to post anything until the next day when I could confirm that it was getting darker. So, I tested again Thursday night and didn't think I saw a line at all. =( I wasn't sure if it was real or just a fluke, so I waited until this morning (Saturday) to test again, figuring I would get a much darker second line if there was one to be had. Alas, there was not. I am 12DPIUI today, and not even a hint of a second line. I am fairly certain I am out this cycle at this point. I didn't think we'd be lucky enough for it to work with the numbers we had this cycle, but I must admit that with the strong progesterone number and that faint second line, for a day I was convinced that it had. Back to square 1 - AF should arrive within a couple of days.


AwesomeCloud and family said...

Aw. Hang in there.

Susan said...

Sorry you had to experience that rollercoaster ride again. It really sucks, and is so unfair! It will happen soon, though - I just know it!!! :-)