Friday, July 15, 2011

Ultrasound results - July 14th, 2011

Today was my follicle ultrasound for IUI #2 (5). DH was able to come to the appointment with me as he had taken the day off of work for another appointment. His physical blood draw showed that his blood sugar was a bit off, so they had him do a 2-hour test, which is very similar to the 1-hour test that I had to do when pregnant to check for gestational diabetes. We should hear the results today. Hopefully everything came back within the normal range - fingers crossed!

Dr. Shortstick ended up doing my ultrasound this time, and will be preforming the IUI for us as well as Dr. RE is on vacation. Hopefully he's doing something fun! I told Dr. Shortstick that I didn't mind her as a stand-in as she did the IUI that lead to RoBet! In any case, she was able to see the right ovary easy-peasy as usual. And inside was one nice big follicle at 20.7. There was another one next to it, but she didn't measure it for some reason. It was shaped weird (kind of rectangular), so maybe her experience tells her that those kind are empty and have no egg inside. In any case, she went on a hunt for that elusive left ovary next. And boy was it hiding! She had to poke and prod and push to find it, but she did! And inside was a second beautiful follicle at 18.1! So, we have 2 good follicles with eggs this time - hooray! And my lining was good at 9.7 - remember that the goal is 8 - 10, with 10 being perfect! So, I am much happier with my body this time around. I guess it just needed another month of recuperation from breastfeeding to get things right! Now we wait and see what DH's counts are like. We're hoping for 44 million - that's reasonable, right? =) OK, I'll settle for anything over 1.5 post-wash, but if it's over 2 million, I'm probably going to have my hopes pretty high up for this cycle.


RickSilvaWriting said...

Exciting! I wish you luck!

pixnlil said...

Thanks Rick! Hoping it works out this time!