Friday, September 23, 2011

Craptastic - September 23rd, 2011

What a craptastic day.  I went out this morning in the pouring rain and made the journey to my RE's office.  I got there early - I was told the lab opened early for the IVF patients to get their bloodwork done in the morning at 7:45.  Because the traffic between here and there is very unpredictable, I left early to be sure to get there on time.  I arrived at 7:20 and prepared to read my book in the parking lot while I waited for the office to open.  I saw a lady coming out of the office and wondered if they might be open already.  So I watched two other people pull up and walk in within about 3 minutes.  I figured 'what the heck' and got out and dashed through the rain to get inside.  Sure enough, there was a sign indicating for IVF patients to sign in on a clipboard.  I signed in and sat down and within 2 minutes was called back.  Great!  So I went back to have my blood drawn.  The nurse was very nice and stuck the needle in, missed, moved it in and out under the skin a few times with no luck and then started rolling it around and finally hit the vein.  So that sucked and had me breaking out in the sweats.  But it was over quickly, and I headed off a few doors down to have my baseline ultrasound (u/s) done.  This is done to check that the ovaries are quiet and that everything is ready to be stimmed.  So a new doc comes in that I haven't met before.  I forget his name already, so let's just call him Dr. ouch-that-hurts-and-you-have-terrible-bedside-manner-and-didn't-even-feign-sympathy.  Err, how about Dr. O for short?  So Doc O puts the ultrasound wand in and looks to the right side.  Ovary pops up and there are a few dark spots on it, but I guess that's OK, because he said it looks nice and quiet.  Then he comes back to center and asks if my period (AF) has started.  I said no, and he said it looks like I have a thin lining of about 6 and some fluid in there, so the lining is breaking down and I should expect a light AF.  OK, I was actually expecting one to start earlier this week, so no problem there.  Now he went looking for my left ovary.  Now, ol' leftie is the one that has given us fits before, so I warned him that she is sometimes hard to find.  He starts poking around, and the wand is being pressed harder and harder into my vaginal canal.  The cramping is getting more and more intense and painful as he does this.  I'm watching the screen and thinking "please show yourself now" as he pokes and presses on my belly and stretches the wand around and I think "Oh crap, this is going to put me into shock again, isn't it?" because that's what usually happens to me with this much pain in my lady parts.  Actually, that would have been nice, because I could have blissfully distanced from what was going on if that had happened.  But it didn't.  Instead, I was right there, feeling it all.  He has no luck finding her where he thought she'd be, so he pushes the wand up really high into my body.  This moves the cramping from low to high, no less awful.  Just like if a clamp is smashing your arm just below the elbow and then moves to smash your wrist, it still hurts like hell and doesn't really offer any relief.  In any case, I can no longer keep my eyes open or keep quiet at this point, so I start moaning with the pain and push my head back with my eyes clamped shut.  Mind you, I did not moan in pain when I was in labor for 37 hours with RoBet.  That should give you an idea of how much this sucked.  Finally he says, OK, caught a glimpse of it, and it is quiet too.  I'm not sure if he really did or not, but after about 5 minutes of that pain, I no longer cared.  I lay on the table panting and sweating for a minute and he says, "you can sit up anytime" like he's irritated that I'm not sitting up to address him yet.  I finally am able to sit up, and he says that the nurse will meet me in the hallway.  The meeting with the nurse was quick - just that they'd call me with the results of my blood work at what I thought was 12:30, and if all looks good, we'd be on to starting our stims tomorrow.  Yay - finally stim time!  She asked if I had any other questions, and I told her that I did not, so I left to come home.  I got about halfway home, and the highway became a parking lot because of accidents caused by the rain.  I still got home much earlier than I had anticipated, which was great.  Let's fast forward to 2:00.  Still no call from the nurse.  This was making me very nervous, so I called their office.  As I began to leave a message, my caller ID beeped in, and it was my nurse.  I clarified the time with her, and she said that the lab sends them the patient results at 12:30, but that the doctor has to review the results and then she has to call everyone, so I should expect a call back between 1:00 and 5:00 in the future.  OK, no problem.  However, there was a problem.  My estrogen levels (which I believe are called E2 levels) were supposed to be below 80.  They were 158.  What does that mean?  That means that it is not, in fact, stim time.  =(  I have to continue on the Lupron - the medicine that is making me feel like total crap - for another week and then drive all the way back there for a blood draw in a week to see if we can start stims a week from tomorrow.  I am so sad.  I know it's only a week delay, but this month has really felt like an eternity already.  Another week of more of the same feels like a horrible sentence that I don't feel up to.  So, I'm feeling very down in the dumps this afternoon.  I hope my sweet girlie wakes up soon from her nap, and that she is in a very good mood, because I need a happy little girl to make me feel better.

Updated to add one more bitch.  I am running out of the horrible medicine, and this delay means that I had to order another vial to make it through the extra week.  I called the pharmacy to get a refill, spoke the Rx number twice and punched it in on the phone twice with the stupid system unable to understand it for some reason.  I was transferred to a rep, which mean I sat on hold for 10 minutes.  Spoke to that person, who transferred me to another department, who transferred me to another department before I could finally order the f-ing vial of Lupron.  Like I needed to spend 30 minutes screwing around with the pharmacy in addition to everything else today.

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