Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nuh-Uh (Part 2) - September 22, 2009

The following takes place this morning, approximately 8:45 AM
*ring ring*
"Hello Pixnlil. This is Nurse M from Dr. RE's office."
"We have the results of your lab work in."
*thinking: sure, lay it one me, I just hope this is over soon* "Yes?"
"Your hCG was 3335."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Your hCG was 3335."
"Nuh-uh. Really?!"
"Yes, really."
*slightly irritated* "Yes, really. There's a problem. With numbers that stall out and then jump like that - your recent doubling rate is quicker than 2 days - there is a good chance that it is an ectopic pregnancy. You need to come in right away for an ultrasound to make sure it's not tubal."
"Really? That's . . . I mean . . . I was expecting you to say 200 or something!"
"Please don't get so excited yet. We need you to come in today for an ultrasound to make sure it's in the right place."
*we proceed to work out a time a few hours later after my meetings were over*

What the doctor found was a lovely little fetus, right in the uterus (where it should be). He saw the yolk sac as well as the gestational sac, and they measured at five and a half weeks - precisely how far along I am! So the pregnancy is not tubal - it's just right. And it's not small - it's just right.

I am in so much shock right now, I cannot even adequately describe it. I was supposed to be miscarrying any day now!!!!! But I won't be. In fact, everything looked so right, that I don't need to have any more blood drawn. I go back in two weeks and Dr RE expects to see a fetal pole and a heartbeat. Right now we are 70 - 80% certain that I won't miscarry. Once they see the heartbeat, that will jump to about 95% certainty. From being 99% certain that I would miscarry. Wow.


Little Rainbow Comics said...

I'll cross my fingers...sounds like...a turn for the better! Holding my breath...

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(a sign?)

M&M said...

Congrats! I'll keep my fingers and EYES crossed for you!

WV is "materp"!

Hoji said...

Wooo hoooo! :)

Kel said...

Great news! Everything crossed!!!

Wuxi Mommy said...

I found your blog through Gynn's blog, and am so excited that your numbers are up! This is so fascinating to me because this scenario happened to me, too. My numbers with my son were low, too. At about 5 week along, they suddenly jumped unexpectedly and my OB also thought I had an ectopic pregnancy. Amazingly, the ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks showed a perfectly placed egg sac in the uterus AND a hearbeat! I was crossing my fingers all along for you, and am so excited that things have changed for the better.

shelley said...

Yea!!! Talk about a shocker. When my numbers jumped like that it was an ectopic....so glad you went the other way.

I,too,found your blog through Gynn's blog. We are Wuxi adopters too.

pixnlil said...

Thank you all for stopping by to read about my crazy journey! It's nice to know that people are with me - whether they've been in my shoes or not.

Tarhes D'LaRochelle said...

hang in there, baby B...mum and dad have worked hard to make you!