Monday, September 14, 2009

Thoughts -September 14th, 2009

Ugh, so the seed of worry grew quite a bit overnight. I could hardly sleep - I laid in bed awake listening to my husband snore for most of the night, thinking about all of the worst case scenarios. I finally fell asleep a little after 1:00, but then woke up at 3:00 and didn't fall back to sleep until nearly 4:00, then again at 5:00 until nearly 6:00. So I am exhausted today, but that has no relationship to whether I am still pregnant or not. That simply has to do with a lack of sleep. I can hardly eat today too. The quesadilla that I just got from the cafeteria is sitting like a rock in my stomach, and I couldn't even finish it. I wish it was tomorrow morning already - then I could at least know one way or the other. I really need to know so that I can stop worrying. Well, OK, worry less.


GDad said...

Keeping my finhgerts ctrossefd. Makesd it harsd to tyupe.

AwesomeCloud and family said...

Stay pregnant! I'm sending you all my stay-pregnant wishes. Yun Gui's future little buddy will be just fine, I'm sure.

Did you ever name the monster?

Oh, and I still need to send you an email... it seems the current batch of adopters are unable to log onto their blogs from China, so they're all using proxies.