Friday, October 21, 2011

Well - October 21st, 2011

My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend, so I was doing some cleanup yesterday after I put RoBet to bed.  My husband has been working second shift all this week, so I was on my own last night.  Having all of your evenings alone tends to make one a bit stir-crazy and do things they might not otherwise do.  So, around 8:00, I decided I needed to pee on a stick.  I took the test and after about 2 minutes, looked over and didn't see a second line.  I went about organizing some stuff and got some laundry out of the dryer and looked again.  I saw what I thought was a very faint second line.  Very faint, but there.  For sure there.  I took some pictures and tweaked them and really felt that second line was there, so I wanted to follow up with a digital test, which is pretty sensitive and says "pregnant" or "not pregnant", so it's a pretty sure thing.  But, I had dumped my concentrated urine out of the dixie cup, so I had to wait until I had to pee again.  And drinking lots of water to make yourself have to pee is no good, because then it will be diluted and might not produce the same result on the test at this low level of hcG in there.  So, I waited.  Finally about 9:45 or so I was able to work up enough to test again.  And the digital test flashes a little hour glass while it works.  It was working, and working, and working.  I swear, I started at it for like 3 full minutes before leaving the bathroom and folding some laundry.  I came back in and the damn thing was still working!  Arg!  So I impatiently folded some more laundry (I'll tell you, impatiently folded laundry looks and awful lot like patiently folded laundry).  After about 8 minutes total, I came back in and finally it popped up - "pregnant".  Well.  So much for not feeling pregnant.  You just never know, I guess.  So, I am now 11 days pregnant.  heh.  My due date is July 5th, 2012 - perfect for a little 'firecracker'.  This whole thing just feels surreal, it really does.  I cannot believe I have a little sac of cells burrowed into my uterus right now and growing.  I look at my daughter and try to remember what it felt like when she was just a little sac of cells burrowing in.  It feels like so long ago, even though it was just over 2 years ago.  I'm going to be a mother of 2, and that just kicks ass.


Toni Rapp said...

Awesome! See you never know. From all the blogs ive been reading lately, I think IVF is the definite way to go. We are on the waiting list right now, until next year. That doesnt slow me down though, I will continue doing IUI's until then.

Keep us updated and take an easy, dont over do it!

GDad said...

Huzzah. If you hold on one more day, little Pre-Rugrat-2 will share a birthday with GPop, although you'd need a time machine to be due on July 5, 2011.

pixnlil said...

Heh, indeed, GDad, indeed. That has been corrected. =)
Toni - I think that is a great plan! That is exactly what we did the first time too - IVF didn't work out when we wanted to do it because of my husband going on a business trip, so we kept doing IUIs and the third one worked! Once you get done with the study, definitely look into progesterone supplementation, I really think that would help you! Good luck!

Toni Rapp said...

How are you doing? Havent seen any posts and was thinking about you :)