Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi There

Hi there! This is my first attempt at a blog. I decided that I'd give it a try, as I know that it's been therapeutic for some of my friends. I'm going through quite a lot in my life right now, but nothing quite so unexpected as my journey through infertility. I never really thought in my wildest dreams that I would be unable to have a child when I decided that I was ready for one. I thought that it would happen very fast - in that first month really. My husband is such a worrier that we used two forms of birth control - every time - for years and years. Hell, talking him into quitting with the condoms and relying on just the birth control pill took nearly two and a half years after marriage! So it feels quite strange that we are knee deep in our 14th month of trying to get pregnant without a hint of success.
I intend to fill in bits and pieces of my background story, while also detailing my journey moving forward. I'll try to explain where each story comes in chronologically. I like to tell stories, just ask my friends or coworkers. =) Hopefully I'll be able to express my feelings in a way that you find informative and/or entertaining. I'm pretty open and like to share details, so feel free to pass over any of the squicky details if they aren't your cup of tea. So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you gain something for having read my blog.


G. Silva said...

Hi! I've friended your blog. I feel like I've been involved in your journey, as you've been involved in mine, already. But you're right - blogging allows some of those perpetually unsaid thoughts to be said, and some of the difficult thought to be said more articulately. Even if we sometimes scare the family. :)

GDad said...

Hey there.