Tuesday, July 7, 2009

IUI Round 1 Ultrasound - June 30, 2009

On the afternoon of Tuesday June 30th, we headed in for an ultrasound of my innards. We were taken back to a little room with only one chair, and a small changing closet (I really can't call it a room). I stripped my lower half and walked over to the table with my bum hanging out. My hubby was too nervous to make any snarky comments about it. We looked at all the big fancy equipment and both of us started to eye the "wand". It had a condom over it to keep things sanitary. That would have been funny if the thing didn't look so damn scary. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Dr. RE came in quite soon thereafter, and things happened quite fast. He started poking around, which was crampy and unpleasant, but not really too bad. He immediately saw a good thick lining in the uterus, which was already thicker than a safe minimum thickness even several days out from ovulation. He then saw my right ovary right away. It had two nice big follicles maturing. He had to do some poking and twisting to find the left ovary - the same one that gave me the trouble during the HSG. Damn shy little bastard. He did find it, and took measurements on one more nice big follicle on that side. He estimated that they all needed a few more days to be "ready", so we were told to wait until Thursday night for the trigger injection and then we should come back on Saturday, the 4th of July for the IUI procedure.

All in all, this appointment couldn't have gone better! I had three mature follicles (which I later found out is the optimal number for success), and a good thick lining. I was all ready for things to go our way! But we still had the minimal chance for success looming over us. Our excitement at how ready my bits were for baby was dampened by our wondering if we'd have enough healthy sperm for the journey. We left the appointment slightly optimistic, but knowing better than to be hopeful.

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