Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick Update - July 14, 2009

Just a quick update and prediction. I'm having some decent cramping today. I would normally start my period on Thursday of this week - cycle length of 27 days. I think I will start right on time, and that I will indeed start. I just heard back from my RE's nurse: My progesterone and prolactin were good this month. Not sure what the prolactin is or should be, but the progesterone was 11, which is right in the good range of 10 - 15 that she said I should be. So next month we will be doing the same dosage of Clomid with the IUI again. I don't know if I'm really up for more than two rounds of this before we move on. We'll have to see how we feel about doing rounds 3 and/or 4 before moving on to something with a better chance for success. This kind of just feels like wasted time and money.


G. Silva said...

Typical... doctors never seem to have the sense of urgency their patients do. If you're really lucky, you can find one who tries to sympathize.

I was going to try to explain the atheism thing a little better... when we talked on the phone, I gave you such an incomplete story that I was practically misrepresenting us. It bemused me that you thought Rick was the more atheistic of us... hehe, not really. But it needs a lot more context, and I'm way too tired tonight. And, I think, we're so far off the beaten path of mainstream philosophy... well, I am, but I've dragged Rick with me. I dunno, it's worth trying to explain, but damn hard. I guess it's accurate to say that I'm the more atheist, but I'm the more everything. I've made the effort to go to all possible extremes, and therefore in all matters philosophical and spiritual, I'm the 'most' of any given thing.

GDad said...

Hang in there.